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Over the course of an adventure, we can come across unforgettable people. So was the case today. We hope that the sovereign fortuity of life allow us to meet again. Thank you again for this beautiful day.

Tanguy et Quentin from the TV program Streetosphere.

March 2013.



Johanna Durimel is an artist of wind and of sand, whose talent delights us, and whose art gives us a feeling of nostalgia for Saint-François and Guadeloupe.

François Rivasseau, Ambassador of France in Washington DC.

September 2009.

If every young woman, from Guadeloupe, would culturally get themselves involved as Johanna Durimel has done, we would be less worried for the future of our youth today. This is an example to be followed by all. « An educated woman is an educated nation », Johanna Durimel is in harmony with this historical sentence quoted by Malcom X.

Brother Jimmy on behalf of the entire B.WORLD CONNECTION team who supports her.

September 2009.

Johanna Durimel is a young artist from Guadeloupe whose work is astounding! I want to assure her she has all the support from the city of Saint-François and encourage her in her universal and self-defining quest !

Laurent Bernier, the Mayor of the city of Saint-François.

September 2009.

In my artistic approach, one of my leitmotivs is to leave wide open the door I have already managed to open, or in some instances, the ones I have broken into, so that other young artists can come through and make the most of this opening. Today, after Humeler JOSEPH, Marylène AGAT, Chrisnel ALEXIS, it is Johanna’s turn to cross the doorstep, and, as her sponsor, I’ll be accompanying her and hope she shows the world the extent of her talent.

Alain Caprice, painter.

May 2009.

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