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Johanna Durimel is a dynamic young woman from Guadeloupe, who has developed her love for arts through autodidacticism from a young age.

Raised in a family of five, she holds values such as sharing and solidarity close to her heart. Thanks to her parents, both involved in non-profitable social clubs, she is immersed in an environment where sports and culture are predominant.

Amongst her numerous talents as a visual artist, one particular technique has made her known in the general public: Painting with Natural Sand. Having at her disposal a wide range of colour palettes collected from the beaches of Guadeloupe and various other places in the world, she makes portraits of anonymous individuals. She has also created a collection of life-sized portraits of renowned characters that have influenced the history of the Caribbean.




She organizes more and more exhibitions in various locations such as public places, private events, or for schools, with the aim of showing the uniqueness of her technique and the various topics illustrated in her “oeuvre”.

In her figurative paintings, Johanna DURIMEL represents meticulously her life experience, her society, her Caribbean heritage and her versatility to be world citizen, whether in the choice of the themes and material used or the diverse shapes of her works.


Her astonishing and realistic show-pieces are marked by a warmth that is enhanced by the unique material she uses: Sand.




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