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April 2019

Tribute to Gerty Archimede, Memorial ACTe

Exhibition of the life size sand portrait of  Gerty Archimede during the night tibute to  the 110th  anniversary of her birth at The Memorial ACTe of Pointe-à-Pitre. 

June 2018

Web show "ka-w ka fè?"

Guest of the web show "Ka-w Ka Fè ?", intimate meeting series of local active citizens  hosted by Brother Jimmy.

November 2016

Sand portrait of M.Papillon, writer

Sand portrait of Margaret Papillon, haitian writer living in Miami. | Painting offered during the Closing Ceremony of meetings with the Author in Guadeloupe.  

December 2014

Art Basel Miami

Participation in ART BASEL Miami. | Exhibition at "The international exhibition at Gallery 212 during Art Basel Miami 2014".

November 2014

French Weeks Miami

Participation in The French Weeks of Miami. Exhibition at The Closing Ceremony  in attendance of recognized economic and cultural figure of Florida.

March 2013

Guest of "Streetosphere"

Guest of the show "Streetosphere", documentary about encounters with artists, aired on Voyage and TV5 Monde in France, Poland, Italy and Canada.

January 2012 to July 2012

Workshops in primary schools

External speaker for National Education. Establishment of artistic and cultural workshops in primary schools of Guadeloupe.

November 2011

Gwadloup Festival, Destra Garcia

Sand Portrait offered to the famous Trinidadian Soca music Queen Destra Garcia, guest of honor in the "Gwadloup Festival".

January 2011

Contest Winner 

1ST PRIZE Contest of Contemporary Art.| Passport to exhibit in New York. | Interview for the newspaper France Antilles | Live interview in Canal 10 TV channel | Guest of honor at "B-Game", TV game show on Caribbean culture.

December 2010

Exhibition at "Jou a tradisyon" 

Exhibition to Great Craft Fair "Jou Tradisyon" of Jarry, under the sponsorship of international Singers Passi and Misyé Sadik | Live interview on Radio Guadeloupe Première, Canal10 TV and Media interview with France Antilles.

October 2010

Tribute to Caribbean famous writer Ernest Pépin

Pencil and sand portraits of Ernest Pépin for the "Tribute to the writer ". Saint- François, Public Library.

September 2010

Book illustrations 

Black pencil illustrations for the book "Flour and Ashes" by Winny kaona | Sand portrait of the singer for the cover of her book.

rtistic journey


Version Française

February 2010

Emission "Gwo Plan"

Guest of the TV show "Gwo plan" (documentary artist portrait), broadcasted by Guadeloupe Premiere.

Octobre 2009

Exposition Un vent de sable2

Exhibition "A sandstorm - Act 2"

Public Library. Saint-François.

Meetings - Exchanges - Discussions with 6 schools, soit 319 élèves Live interview aired on Radio Guadeloupe, in the newspaper France Antilles and For the web documentary “black focus”.

September 2009

Black Caucus | Washington DC

Participation in the 39th Black Caucus.

Appointment of Afro-American parliamentarians. Washington. USA | Exhibition at the French  Embassy (Washington) in the presence of Rama Yade and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

May 2009

Exhibition "A Sand Storm" 

First exhibition "A sandstorm" under the sponsorship of the painter Alain CAPRICE. Remy Nainsouta. Pointe-à-Pitre |

Interview for the magazine TV mag | Radio interview aired on  RCI and RFO | Report on TV news aired on Guadeloupe Première. Le 19h30 | TV web documentary "Urban Connection" | Press release France Antilles.

December 2008

Concours de Projets Artistiques

4th prize in the Great art projects contest of the General Council. (regionial competition) Pointe-à-Pitre.

November 2008

"Sand Works"

"Sand Works" Exhibition Sale sand paintings at the Creole Festival (St. Francois).

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