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My work is inspired by images, stories and beliefs that have marked my childhood, which determine my artistic sensibility and reveal my Caribbean identity.


Fascinated by the fantastic, my paintings are mainly devoted to portraits of mid-imagined/ mid-real women. I am very interested in their influence, their relationship to others, the world and the universe.

For me, every face tells a story, a story that the eyes and subjective mind of the spectator recreates according to his own life experience. To use sand at its natural state is to give back its sacred dimension that was conveyed, once upon a time, by Navajo and Tibetan people, in their curative paintings.


The act of painting with this material is intended to be a physical work requiring great mental concentration, but also a spiritual one.

It reflects my desire to see more to the world than meets the eyes. I strive to represent the invisible through the visible, while communicating to the onlooker, a sense of reflection, awareness, understanding and sharing.


rtistic approach

Version Française

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